Issues & Reputations

TPPR specialises in online reputation management and strategic advisory services. Our skills and experience are in issues campaigning and defence against politically or commercially motivated defamation and innuendo.  We operate as an independent flank of support alongside legal counsel. Full agency services are provided through our business communications sister company PendryWhite.

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    Reputation lies everywhere ...
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    Most of all, online
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    Issues are global
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    So are critics
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    Intelligence & planning are key
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    ... And continuous analysis
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    With effective action when needed

Ethical. Effective. Evidenced.

The new online environment remains volatile. New linkages are required between analysis, law and communications that will provide ethical and evidence-based strategies for the protection of the reputations of philanthropists, businesses, sovereign states and international organisations.

Evidence-based Advice

TPPR maintains real time engagement with the online community to provide clients with early warning of threats and opportunities. It helps them understand the significance of events as they unfold. It analyzes shifts in the online market and constructs cost-effective strategies for reputation that are based on realistic assessments of risk.

Agency Support

PendryWhite is a TPPR subsidiary with its own independent client base in corporate marketing communications. It provides cost-effective services in web and blog design and development, internet security and site maintenance and social media management. It also supports a wide range of communications initiatives.


Detailed credentials are available through the Contact page but our quality of thought on current issues is presented regularly on the TPPR Blog. Our historic engagement has been towards Eurasian, Arab and African interests. Our perspective on current crises is based on practical experience of politics and international affairs.