Why you may need us

Clients who have needed our crisis and issues management services have included private sector organisations, groups and individuals without an established or experienced in-house capability. For them, the cost in time and reputation of mishandling a crisis or an issue can be greater than for many corporate managers.

Our service is specifically structured to protect businesses and individuals who are exposed in this way. Part of our effectiveness lies in being able to work well with other advisers. We are especially experienced in working with legal counsel to family offices, individuals and medium-sized businesses.

Providing political intelligence and analysis is a core service and a strength. We are not lobbyists (although we work with associates who are) but analysts of social forces and ideology, anticipating their influence on political change affecting your business and family.

HNWIs & Family Offices

HNWIs, whether working through a family office or not, tend to be very private and to have important philanthropic interests. Reputation is important to them. The TPPR online platform is tailor made to create a non-intrusive public face that can put an individual’s or a family's case in a crisis and gather intelligence on threats in close co-operation with legal counsel.

Politicians & PEPs

Politicians and PEPs can be targets for politically-motivated attacks but also for poorly researched assessments of creditworthiness or policy positions. Our work has included successful and discreet reputation defence for a number of senior figures and is built on our practical experience in international and British business and politics, and in campaign management.


The larger business or NGO will have a fully staffed communications or campaigns office. This is not always the case for family companies, technology start-ups or mid-sized businesses whose budgets are dedicated to sales and marketing. TPPR offers an affordable crisis and issues platform made to measure for a client's needs and situation.