Core Team

Tim Pendry

Tim Pendry has been a financial and corporate communications and political and campaigns adviser. He oversees political intelligence, issues management and threat analysis, handling crises arising from political struggle, fraud, NGO campaigning and terrorist incidents. Tim's three decades of experience cover all aspects of issues and crisis management, enabling effective priority setting and allocation of resources.

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Jenina Bas

Jenina Bas is a former magazine editor and PR professional who has had a long career in corporate and marketing communications. She is responsible for the effective, timely and secure implementation of online and social media strategies. She also has a proven track record in handling crises involving consumer brands and organisations. She is Managing Director of TPPR associate PendryWhite.

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Ghayth Armanazi

Ghayth Armanazi is formerly Head of the London Mission of the Arab League, General Manager of the Arab Bankers Association and Executive Director of the British-Syrian Society. He is TPPR’s lead adviser on Middle Eastern affairs.

Charles Hollis

A former senior diplomat, Charles Hollis is an experienced consultant in the political and business dynamics of the Middle East, Iran and North Africa, focusing on regional government affairs, market entry, political risk analysis and complex investigations.

Valery Morozov

Valery Morozov was previously Head of the Analytical Division of Novosti Press Agency. Now resident in London as an anti-corruption activist and independent businessman, he is TPPR’s lead adviser on Russian and Former Soviet Union affairs.

William Morris

William Morris is Secretary General of the Next Century Foundation, a think tank and track II diplomacy organisation operating in many conflict zones, notably the Middle East. He is also Chairman of the International Council for Press & Broadcasting.

Mark Seddon

Former communications adviser and speech writer for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, Mark Seddon was also Director of Communications for UN Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown and the first UN and Diplomatic Correspondent for Al Jazeera English TV.

Roger White

Roger White was Director of Corporate Affairs at one of the ‘Big Four’ global accountancy firms. He was Managing Director of TPPR associate PendryWhite and is now TPPR's corporate and marketing communications lead advisor, specialising in strategy and sponsorship.

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The core leadership team is supported by specialists in social media, content generation, campaigns management and internet security.

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