Discretion and client confidentiality mean that we are limited about what we can say. The case studies presented here can merely give a flavour of work we have undertaken.

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Effective Messaging

The economic development policies of an African nation threatened to conflict with Western expectations. A global investor with significant holdings was targeted by politically motivated campaigns critical of the government. Working closely with legal counsel and local management, we crafted coherent and effective commercial and ethical narratives.

Countering Fraud

The name of a prominent international business figure was frequently misused by fraudsters and others who exploited a vacuum of information. Working with robust legal counsel, TPPR filled the vacuum of information with an online presence which was also used to monitor fraudulent activity and, where possible, ensure the rapid removal of fake profiles on social media.

Activist Attacks

A major collector became an activist target. Working with specialist legal counsel, we developed a robust and true narrative of rightful ownership and the role of private collectors in heritage preservation. While immediate threats have receded, we continue our monitoring and our associate PendryWhite maintains an active web presence.

State-triggered Crisis

An intelligence mistake by a major sovereign state resulted in the destruction of client property linked to a claim of serious wrongdoing in the war on terror. As part of a legal and investigations team on four continents, TPPR played a lead role in ensuring that the narrative of the state was shown to be wholly false without politicising the matter.

Crisis Handling

TPPR has handled a number of crisis situations including personal tragedies involving customers of medium-sized businesses, situations faced by NGOs in isolated locations, media misreporting of high profile figures, support for legal counsel in libel and defamation cases and criminal hacking cases.

Campaign Support

A minority in the Middle East risked being forgotten in the drive to war. By careful media placement of unique data, TPPR helped ensure their plight stayed high on the public policy agenda. This has been one of several programmes related to conflict resolution and the protection of minority groups in Asia and Africa.

Political Warfare (Defence)

False evidence against a radical politician was planted to mislead an embedded journalist. Failure to disprove the evidence would have cost him his career and reputation. TPPR managed the reputational defence, commissioning forensic evidence that demonstrated the fraud. According to reports this was later admitted by the perpetrator.

Political Analysis

For over two decades, we have carried out early threat monitoring and analytical services as part of a team that protects the reputation of a major international investor with interests on four continents. We have anticipated political motivated attacks, media interest and cross-cultural difficulties. Our solutions and effective messaging that have minimised crises.

Public Policy Support

TPPR has advised privately-funded awareness campaigns and been instrumental in the initiation and launch of significant think tanks, websites and public policy units. It has also been instrumental in managing a number of cultural events intended to foster improved international relations and in the creation of friendship societies.


New Technologies

PendryWhite and TPPR have been ahead of the curve in supporting technologies as they come to market in skeptical or volatile political and commercial environments. Together, we engage with start-ups and other organisations involved in blockchain deployment and other new technologies.

Entrepreneurial Support

PendryWhite and TPPR have collaborated in creating and supporting new ventures in which the principals have taken risk equity. We were instrumental in developing a new media site that made significant political impact over six years.